Thursday, January 17, 2013

Review: Human Nature’s Nourishing Facial Wash

Since I became of fan of Human Nature products in early 2012, I decided to try their facial wash – Nourishing Facial Wash, the one on the picture.  It’s for normal to sensitive skin so I thought this might be what suits me. If you want to know more about this product you may check out their website so I don’t have to post the ingredients and other important information about their products (thank you I’m too lazy to type all that).

Anyway, I just finished the 50 ml size and here’s my experience:
·         I love the smell – it’s like candy and mild.
·         It is not foamy, if you like washing with plenty of suds a pea size is not enough.
·         It has a thin consistency and clear color, almost watery like.
·         It’s very mild sometimes I feel like my face is not really clean after washing. I feel like I just used water on my face. 
·         It doesn’t make my face dry after washing compared to other facial wash I’ve tried.
·         It efficiently removes mascara, which I find surprising for a mild cleanser.
·         I did not see any improvement (nourishment) on my face at all after one 50 ml bottle.
·         It is better compared to using Dove soap on my face.
·         My over-all rating: 3 stars out of five and I will probably continue using it until I find the perfect one for me.

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