Saturday, May 4, 2013

Enough About Selfies

So, here's the thing. I reactivated my facebook account after several months, or almost a year. No I'm not sure, I guess for a year or more. I thought that it was too messy for that timeline stuff so I deactivated it, but planned to organize and "clean" it but I never really found the time to do so. I was probably the last person whose account went to that timeline settings because it was automatic. Remember those protests about leaving facebook once timeline has not become an option?

I checked out some photos. Seems like everyone share/store photos on facebook so if you need a copy from someone else's camera, you must check out his or her FB account or request for a tag. Photo sharing is so much fun and convenient nowadays. Gone are the days where you have to borrow your friends' negative film of her analog camera, go to Agfa and have them recopied, then wait for a couple of days to have your own copy of that unforgettable moment called JS prom captured by Kodak. I guess teenagers can never relate if you mention them this kind of stuff, right?

In that time of absence, I thought a lot of things has changed in Facebook. I was not really absent then because I still open my other account, the one I used for joining contest where I have 600 something friends most, if not all, I never really know personally. 

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I missed my friends (those that I've made in real life). I wonder how they've been doing so I browsed and browsed. I thought those self portraits have lessen because many users voiced out their disgust about it. I was not alone. I may have uploaded a few selfies but never did with 20 pictures in the same clothes, background but in different angles in one album. Every freaking day.

They may be one of the most beautiful/handsome creatures in the planet that if they have gotten the chance to become celebrities Gwyneth Paltrow could have not made it in People's Most Beautiful. There's no point in arguing about their looks and they think that it's not one of those GGSS (Gandang Ganda Sa Sarili) posts. I'm not insecure, it's just that flooding the newsfeed with nothing but your face - annoying! 

I'm fine with bragging, I thought they were quite entertaining. I'm good with quotes, family photos, I can ignore rants, but selfies - HIDE!

 Sorry, it's nothing personal. Have a nice day! :)


  1. :P Guilty! Not of posting selfies but of hiding feeds from certain people.

  2. :) sometimes, we really need to. thanks for visiting my blog, have a nice day!

  3. Haha same here! Since most of my friends take selfies on a regular basis, I didn't have a choice but hide them from my feeds. Drawback is I don't see their updates anymore so hindi ko alam may nabuntis na, kinasal, etc. :D

    1. :) Luckily my close friends don't take selfies a lot, it's actually those i'm not really close to, so no problem if I'm not updated with their lives. thanks for dropping by!

  4. I can so relate! Most are teenage girls though, makes me feel like I really am growing old. Lol.

  5. Just read this post.. well, yeah,, I have one Fb friend before, and grabeh wagas kung maka selfie,, wala naman nagbabago sa angle.. so what I did was,, I unfriended her.. sorry na lang.. ^_^


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