Saturday, June 29, 2013

An Afternoon With Old Friends

A few days ago, I was able to squeeze some time to meet up with my old friends from college. I only had a couple of close friends back then. Most of them were my classmates in almost all subjects since we took up the same course, that's how we became friends. Since we graduated, I can only count on my fingers the number of times we've seen each other.

Early afternoon, I met them up at a small fast food restaurant somewhere in Rizal. I arrived thirty minutes past the time we agreed upon. I miscalculated my travel time, so I was late and I hate being late.

I already caught sight of them the moment I pushed the door open inside. Of course, I will never forget those faces. Anj and Sha, they were two of the best persons I have ever met in my life. Anj, whom I never saw again since we graduated  (we still managed to message each other thru FB or text though) until this time, and Sha, my maid of honor, whom I last saw was over a year already.

We're all from Rizal, our home. But since I moved away when I got married and all of us got busy in our own lives, finding the time to see each other was not that easy.It was Sha who initiated the meet-up, or I'd rather call it a mini-reunion sans the party-ish vibe. It's almost like having a cup of coffee with friends in a fast food chain in the middle of a noisy rural business district, but having halo halo instead.

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I went home with a happy feeling. It was so nice seeing them again and being able to know what they're up to at this point in time of their lives. And knowing that they're still the same friends I had many years ago. They're all doing good in their lives. Sha who is happily in-love and with a good career as well, and Anj, while still waiting for the love to come knocking on her door but doing great in the financial aspect of her life. I realized that I've been left behind - career wise. I also thought that I was at their bottom when it comes to financial status. But I never really felt that way with them. They're still the same simple people I knew - no air of pride nor arrogance. Real simple people like me.  The very same people who added meaning to my boring but dreaded college life.


  1. Oh,I miss meeting up with friends. Isnt it so nice to catch up with them?:)

    1. Yes Mommy K! It was so nice! Thanks for visiting :)

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  3. Getting together with long-time, old friends is always so fun!


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