Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Cafe Niu Buffet Review

It was like a new experience going out with single people, at least not for the last seven years until last July 28 when four (supposed to be five) friends at work had an early dinner at Cafe Niu, a nice and cozy cafe near work. There were many reasons why the so called "date" happened. It was Marie's treat for cashing out her very first online (and probably dollar) earnings, we'll be sending Ian to another planet, I mean he's leaving the company in a couple of days, and I, just because the next day was a holiday and to have some bonding moment with my two youngest sisters at Finance. See, there could be many reasons to spend time with friends! :)

Anyhoo, and before I begin this review, which I know is not going to be as good as I want it to be (because I was absent-minded that time, the photos are borrowed, and did not even bother to remember the titles of the food) can never make it to be a very good food review, so I'm warning you that reading this might be just a waste of your time! Okay enough, I'm torturing myself, but one thing I can assure you is the food was great and so was the night! ;)

The menu (according to Marie's memory that served her just right) It was a Monday, so the menu consists of Asian or Oriental (something like that)  food that goes by the names:

Fresh Salad
Chicken Spicy Pasta
Beef In Oyster Sauce
Pata Tim
Thai Chicken
Fish Fillet w/ Mayo/Tartar Dip
Tofu with Veggies
Mocha & Red Velvet Cake, Mango Jelly, Salad for dessert
Coffee and Tea for Drinks

The photos: (Thank you Marie for bringing a camera)

All was great, except for the soup. It was the two boys who did not like it first and foremost. I missed the soup for my first batch/plate so they tried it before me and Marie, and I did not trust the boys when they said the soup was bad, so on my second batch I got one for myself and realized that the boys were telling the truth but was exaggerating. It was not that bad, for me, but not good either.

Anyways, my top favorites were (in order) Fish Fillet and Chicken Spicy Pasta! The rest are just as equally good and the desserts were not as bongga as the desserts at Vikings but liked them! Like I said, all the food was awesome, and I was hoping our two boys enjoyed it since it was us the girls who chose the place. Oh did I mention it was just at P 295 per head? Awesome! 

The Gang
L-R:  Claire, Ian, Nikko, and Marie  :)

I missed Joane here, remembering how she attacked everything on her plate when we were at Viking's SM Megamall for Mam MitMit's birthday. We both love desserts, and eat just anything our stomach can stomach, but since her grandpa was sick that time, she was not able to come with us. 

Meanwhile, the three single people and I just chatted about....teka ano nga ba mga napag chesmisan namin? Shux, I forgot! I think somebody wanted a beer but sorry they did not have any. Anyway, it was a fun night. It's been many moons ago the last time I went out with good friends so I was delighted to spend time with these people. Looking forward to another food trip with you guys soon!

Thanks Marie for being the mastermind, the financier, the photographer and maitre d' of the night. To Nikko, welcome to the family li'l bro, hope you would stay for a long while, and to Ian, good luck, wherever you are, we will miss you for sure. Pano na ang AP ko kung wala ang GRPO mo! Lol! It was nice working with you and maybe I'd dedicate this post to you! 

Until next time! :)

You may check this one from Cafe Niu as well. Click Here!

Update 04/06/2016 Cafe Niu is already closed :(

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