Monday, September 22, 2014

How Eraserheads Influenced My Life

Some few weekends ago, I saw an episode of Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho (one of the only few tv programs I have been watching lately) where they featured an E'heads reunion.

I was a big fan of this band from the 90's, I can say I was almost a die hard fan. But due to poverty (I'm exaggerating, I was just broke and so was my family) I could not afford anything Eraserheads related, so I just contented myself with just being a big fan I had developed a crush on the four guys all at the same time.

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Those were my high school days. The days were my hormones were changing from childhood to early adulthood and friendship mattered like it was like oxygen to my lungs. Those were the days I had true friends. Yup, true, real, diamond like friends that I was convinced that there was really God who invented that so called intangible wealth worth more than the riches of King Solomon - true friends.

I do not remember who influenced who, but this band was the most common connection between me and my two best high school buddies by the name of Analyn and Marilyn, apart from other many things we have in common. 

We three were big fans, sorry I think we were almost die hard fans but since our being broke did not push us to being die hard fans so we contended ourselves with being just big fans. We three came from below middle class families so we could not afford concerts, collectible items, and other E'heads related things that needed money to spend to. Our meager "baon" was just enough for song hits and cheap magazines to get the latest buzz about our favorite band, apart from their tv appearances and radio interviews. I did not even remember from whom  we borrowed Fruitcake, the book written by the band edited by Jessica Zafra, all I knew was that we could not afford it and there was this kind- hearted person who lend us the book because somehow he/she knew we were big fans.

There was even a time when Fruitcake was released and they had an autograph signing at Sta Lucia mall, the nearest mall in our place that time, and we went there just to see them even if we did not have money to buy their album and get some autograph.  We went to the mall and just waited for the band to come to the record store, but they closed it to the first buyers because there was just too many people to let them all in. We only caught sight of them when they went out the store. I saw Buddy and a little bit of Marcus, but failed to see Ely and Raymond. It was frustrating at that time, that was one moment when being poor hit me so hard and asked the universe why me and my friends had to be born so poor. I wish we had money to buy the album so we could have just one autograph signing moment with the band.

But this blog post is not about Eraserheads, really. They are still so famous the band does not need one blog post from me, but this is really about my two high school friends. I realized that even if there was no Eraserheads, will we be still best friends? I still think we would. It was just the band that bonded us even closer. 

Analyn and Marilyn, I miss you both so much and I still love you exactly the way I felt for you back in high school. It did not change. You both are the very best friends I ever had in my life I don't think I could another friends like you. Maybe I was not a good friend to both of you. No, not maybe, but I am sure I was not a good friend to both of you back then and I'm so sorry. I am so sorry that I never gave you love, attention and time that you deserved. 

If there could be any way to make it up to you at present, I would do it, but it's different now. We have our own lives now and since we parted ways after graduation, I never got the chance to make a move to reunite with you and rekindle the friendship that had faded by time and distance. But then, whatever happens, this friendship will forever remain a part of my life. I love you both and will forever cherish the friendship that we had.

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  1. I am a big eheads fan, too. My friends and I would be content watching them on tv and singing their songs. This post made me miss my friends. Ang tagal n din naming di nagkita. We really should make time for them.
    Sana someday makita ko ang eheads in person! Keeping ny fingers crossed.


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