Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Forget Me Not, Will You? This Is Not A Food Review

As I have mentioned a thousand times, I'm bad at food reviews. I can never be a food blogger although I love food so much. My opinion about food and place would either be good and not good, no gray areas, no specific or very precise description of the tastes and you could never imagine what the experience was just by reading it in my blog, so this is just another post just to keep my blog alive. No food or place review.

Sometime in September, my Finance family, out of the blue just decided to check out one of the food hubs in Marikina. Somewhere called Lilac Street. Headed by Mitmit, we left office at around almost six, because someone wanted a curly hair for the photo op, so we waited for her until her hair was all done.

Will you forgive me if I forgot the title of these food? Please do, I'm so bad at food names but I must say everything we ordered was very good. We shared each other our plates so we were able to taste what each was ordered.

I will not include all the photos here, you might want to check out Good For Sharing for a nice food review, but those are super delicious as well, See everything tastes so fine to me, well it really was. I am not hard to please when it comes to food, so when I say the food is bad, believe me it is. According to my taste, lol!

And let me share with you what we enjoyed the most................Tadaaaannn.......!!!!

The Desserts!
You can see how we drooled over that sugary treat and our favorite was that one on the left, second was that one on the right, and that one in the middle was not bad as well. See the photo down at the right, I wanted to lick the plates, lol! 

And on my way home after we turned all our plates upside down when we left Forget Me Not, I realized it was not all about how the food tasted, but what made me really happy was the time that we spent together. We were all happy, it seemed like the world was perfect and life was perfect and we had nothing in our personal lives were all wrong. Each one of us there had our own burdens and challenges keeping to ourselves, something outside of work. But at that moment, those were forgotten. Food is hundred times as good if you share it with the people who matters to you. 

Until next food adventure!

All photos are owned by Mitmit Zulueta-Beleno of Good For Sharing


  1. wow. Claire, I envy you.. you are now back to mojo in blogging.. I wasn't able to blog nowadays due to my sched.. tskk.

  2. Hi Cristine, kamusta namiss ko kayong lahat. Super busy kaya bihira na rin ako makapag post, hehe! :)


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