Friday, February 26, 2016

A Visit To My Ancestors' Land

This post should have been last year,but since this blog have been dormant for quite sometime, and I have been busy and lazy to update my blog, sorry for the delay...

It was 1995 since I last visited my parents homeland, ten years later I was back last year. It was a very nice visit. Catanduanes is a very lovely island, my parents were lucky and must be very proud to be coming from that place.
It took us around 20 hours from leaving home to reach Virac by land, but the best part of it was seeing this beautiful perfect coned volcano in Albay. Not sure if you could take a picture like this if you travel by air to Catanduanes.

A view of the beautiful mountains from the deck of the ferry boat when we arrived. The air was clean and cool as if it was happy to welcome us.

On our way to my aunt's house where we stayed for some few days, the views were all mountains, greens, and a bit of a seaside. The place was awesome, By the way, they call this place "The Land of the Howling Winds", Yes the place was windy even if it was summer.

Meet my family. We went house to house dropping by our relatives and waved hello. Most of my cousins have already grown "older" since the last time I saw them. Of course that was ten years! :)
We made fools of ourselves by taking pictures in the middle of a highway. If you have not seen a road wide as the normal ones in Manila, but  hundred times lesser vehicles passing, this was it!!
An amazing view of the mountains at my aunts' house. Waking up in the morning looking at this while sipping coffee is priceless!
How much would a coconut cost me in Manila? In Barangay Tilis, Bato, Catanduanes, it is free! Courtesy of my kind cousins who were generous enough to climb its tall trees and picked coconuts for us! Yummy and fresh coconut juice! :)

By the riverside under the long bridge, we were picking some creatures I could not tell. It was our first afternoon, as if time was seven times slower in the city. I missed seeing big carabaos, hearing some unfamiliar sounds of animals I did not know exists, and looking at a spot from a distance where the river and the sea meets. God is awesome! :)

Like earthlings first timers to Mars, we could not stop looking, pointing and asking our oldies "what's this, what's that?" and "ay ang galeng!"

In Manila, when you stepped out of your house, you would normally have a small variety stores with bystanders for your view. Imagine looking at this when you take a walk outside your house going to your friendly neighbor to borrow something. I would not mind going out to visit my neighbors a couple of times a day! :)

Every time I see a beautiful thing, a small cute flower or something vast as this view of the river by the foot of the mountains, I could not help whisper a prayer, thanking God for the life, for the opportunity to experience the joy His creations bring. He is indeed amazing!

Stay tuned for my Catanduanes post part two...naks! Heheheh! :D

PS: all photos in this post are mine. Don't you dare steal them! :)


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